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The Garden, 2008 Edition April 23, 2008

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My flowers are blooming! I am so excited. The daffodils that are showing off their bright yellow faces, and white and purple crocuses have popped up to join the snowdrops. The tulips are promising to have a good year, too. There are enormous groups of tulip leaves popping up all around my house. I don’t know what it is, exactly, about tulips that make me love them so, but oh, my dearies, I love tulips.

I am going to try my hand at a few rosebushes this year. I got some last year, and we didn’t love them enough, so they up and died on us. I’ll attempt to love them more this time around, so we’ll see what happens. And also some echinacea, more lavendar, two kinds of sunflowers (for MyGal’s Bit of Earth), pansy, nasturtiums, and a variety of herbs.


I finally made my list of seeds to purchase for our vegetable garden this summer. I also got some fabulous rhubarb seed, which, according to Heirloom Acres, is a gem due to its low acidity and relative sweetness.


I present to you Vegetable Garden 2008:
Tema Green Bean


Great Northern Shell Bean


Blue Lake Pole Bean


Green Sprouting Broccoli


Red Core Chanteney Carrot


National Pickling Cucumber (It’s endorsed, for crying out loud. How can I not?)


Salad Greens Mix (includes Arugula, Green Wave, Southern Giant and Red Giant mustard greens, Mizuna, Red Russian Kale, Tatsoi and Komatsuma. That is a mouthful.)


Spring Lettuce Mix (includes Ruby Red, Oakleaf, Black Seeded Simpson, Buttercrunch, Paris White Cos, and Salad Bowl Red. That’s another mouthful.)


All American Parsnips


Sugar Snap Pea


King of the North Bell Pepper


Purple Beauty Bell Pepper


Howden Pumpkin


Rainbow Swiss Chard


Amish Paste Tomato


Rutgers Tomato


Pearly Pink Cherry Tomato